Frequently Asked Questions

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Share our free software with your visitors and get paid for each unique install.

Just place a link, banner or javascript code on your page. Different ways of promotion are allowed: you can use doorways, splogs, banner networks, context advertising – any legal traffic will do. Please, contact our support team to discuss sophisticated traffic types.

We do not accept installations made by non-humans: bots, scripts, software and/or automated systems. You must not force the user to complete an installation; spam, hacking or other illegal traffic-generation methods are also not allowed. You MUST NOT to save EXE files from our servers to yours.

Worldwide coverage is included; however, each country has its own rate. Check our country rates.

The install price is individual for each install and depends on how many offers a user accepts during installation. Check the minimum and maximum prices on the rates page.

Of course you can; moreover, we provide you with detailed statistics for every sub-account you are running (you are allowed to use up to 10 sub-accounts for each software product).

Your statistics will be updated every 5 minutes.

Actually, it may be explained by several reasons:
- The stats are updated every 5 minutes, so you may just need to wait until the stats are updated.
- At least one advertising application offer is needed to be accepted during installation. If no advertising application has been installed, then the install is not counted.
- If the same advertising application is installed several times (even with the products by other companies) then your install will be non-unique and will not be counted.

Please contact us.

Please contact us.

Of course, we’ve launched a referral program and reward you starting at 10% from the newcomer earnings. Invite other people using a referral link to drive more revenue.

Unfortunately, not. Please, not that we may block the account if we discover that it is used by the same affiliate.

You can order a payment at any time if your balance exceeds $10. We have 30 days hold, which means you'll get your money after 30 days since your order is approved.

Get pay via EPESE, WebMoney or PayPal.

We leave the right to ban you without any payments.

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